About us
Asaygo group CO.,Ltd. 是軟件開發公司, 主要以開發跟經營平台為主.
創辦人有20年的IT相關工作經驗, 我們系統不外包,都是自己開發設計完成。
我們開發使用技術比較全面,Linux, Windows, PHP,  Java, Windows Application, JS, CSS ,HTML, Android, iOS iPhone App
  • www.sites.com.mm 企業網站架站系統

Asaygo group CO.,Ltd. is a software development company, mainly based on development and management platform.
The founder has 20 years of IT-related work experience. Our system is not outsourced and is all developed and designed by myself.
We develop and use more comprehensive technology, Linux, Windows, PHP, C#, Java, Windows Application, JS, CSS, HTML, Android, iOS iPhone App
Currently our development and operation platform:
  • http://www.sites.com.mm Company Website Builder System
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